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Insulators type JO and JOR


Casting resin indoor insulator type JO aplication in switching stations, switch boards and others electrical equipments of AC for maximal rated voltege 12; 17,5; 24 kv; temperatures from -25°C to +90°C; humidity up to 90% and up to 2000m.

Insulator type JOR consists essentially of a capacitive voltage divider. It is an element (detection) of voltage indication systems cooperativly with indicator. Insulator JOR can be use as to cooperative with look relay to limit a risk hazard persons neither during normal nor during distarbed operation.

Type marking structure.

JO(R) Po-Up

(according IEC 60273)

  • JO – post insulator
  • JOR – capacitive post insulator
  • Po – failing load bending in Kn – 8 kN
  • Up – dry lighting impulse withstand voltage in kV – accordingly 75; 95 and 125

Example: JOR 8-95 – capacitive insulator, failing load bending 8 kN; dry lighting impulse withstand 95 kV

Basic technical data in Table

Casting resin basic dates.

  • Breakdown strenght: >18 kV/mm
  • Comperative Tracking Index CTI > 600
  • Thermal class – 155°C

Recommended torque (screw class 8.8).

  • M12 – 60 Nm
  • M16 – 145 Nm
  • M20 – 290 Nm

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